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Prisma EP

by Oliver-K, K.Martin


Spanish producers Oliver-K and K.Martin unite forces to write the tenth episode of Combine Audio: "Prisma EP". Presenting a pair of cuts intended to ignite the dance floors, the first unit to initiate the release is "Pyramid", emphasizing remorseless percussion rhythms, synchronically beside solid drums skillfully arranged. Quite hypnotic, spacey and energetic atmosphere for smaller dance-floors. The next track "Iris" favours the big-room faction of techno, featuring massive drum action linked with spacious synths and highly anticipated drops after astutely fashioned breaks. Born in Soria, Oliver-K is a prolific Spanish music producer specialized in techno. To date, he has signed over 100 productions on top record labels like Deeperfect, or Unity Records, and his music is often backed by high-profile DJs such as Cristian Varela, Stefano Norferini and many more. K.Martin is a DJ got his first club residency at the tender age of 15. Now based in Seville, he hosts a radio show together with Oliver-K since January 2017. His agenda entails continually DJing in Spain's most influential cities. Now is your deed to enjoy their freshest collaboration "Prisma EP".

  • 6:41
    Oliver-K, K.Martin
  • 5:34
    Oliver-K, K.Martin
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by [ Wex 10 ]


If you're down for that "wall of sound" techno, then this is your EP. Hailing from France [ Wex 10 ] is a relatively new producer whose tracks have gained support from big players such as Chris Liebing. Hard hitting hypnotic techno is his signature sound and 'FAP EP' is no exception. Delivering two cuts, the EP starts with the track that titles the release, 'FAP' boasts a heavy bottom coupled with sparse snare action glued together with a thin layer of string pads. The second track, 'F6', is even harder warehouse techno. Cleverly placed claps help convey the rich atmosphere created by a hypnotic synth line. Two definite techno bombs definitively not for the faint-hearted.

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Black Belt EP

by Paula Cazenave & Elias the Prophet

Next up on Combine Audio comes two distinct tracks from Spanish DJ/producer Elias the Prophet: Black Belt and Paula Cazenave - Freak Frog (Elias the Prophet Remix). Based in Madrid, Elias' sound is dark, industrial and dance floor focused.
This is the first release where the artist shares the billing with Paula Cazenave, the owner of Combine Audio.

His original production, Black Belt is polyrhythmic and utterly hypnotising. Clattering synths intertwine atop a solid percussive foundation, grooving naturally with the undulating rhythms. Elias's Freak Frog remix is a techno behemoth. Building in stature with every nuanced percussive layer, this is dance floor devastation in pure form.

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Tenshi EP

by Kuroi


Spanish producer Kuroi, born and raised in Madrid offers a new EP titled Tenshi. She delivers a two tracker of heavy, atmospheric, analog underground techno.

The release opens with 'Terasa Reta', a deep and thick hazy cut portraying a blizzard-like ambiance comprised of heavily modulated white noise that accommodates a hypnotic, offbeat stab action. Lush hi-hats sequences assure to keep the dancefloor completely magnetized in this first track.

A second tune titled 'Heiwa' serves as an extension to the opening track, but this time expanding the encounter for bigger rooms. This closing track packs an absolute monster drive while keeping the numbing feeling to it.

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Space Invaders EP

by J-Dam


After detonating a mystery ship and loading the laser cannon with synthesized techno ammunition, the producer from Granada is dropping two new tracks to defeat hostile aliens.

The freshest release from Combine Audio is a two tracker by the Spanish producer. Following over a decade of experience as a disc jockey, J-Dam has been acquiring the attention of relevant record labels. Yin Yang, Amigos, and Different Is Different Records are only an example. In Space Invaders, he summons compositions starring remarkably tough and dark sounds.

'Space Invaders' is the track that names the release. Broken beats work as the rhythmic foundation to support a broad array of percussive sounds in the stereo field. Listening to the track within an immersive environment evokes battling aliens inside a vessel of the original 1980s video game.

'Sinister' features the usual four on the floor rhythm, this time topped with a heavy composition of hypnotically immersive synth-lines and percussion elements. Guaranteed to make you forget this is the last cut of the release.

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Phoenix EP

by Sergy Casttle


Sergy Casttle offers a renewed techno vision in Phoenix EP

Two tracks packing spanish fire make up the fifth release of Combine Audio.

MADRID -. A veteran in the spanish nightclub circuit, Sergy Casttle presents a pair of heavy techno groovers in Phoenix EP.

The foundation of 'Phoenix' is a thumping kick drum coupled with a massive sub-bass, that serves as support for a subtle but hypnotic percussion. Storm is another banger designed for highly euphoric moments, to push the limits with an ever-raising energy. In other words, here you are getting a pair of high quality peak-time bangers.

Another 100% spanish release: Sergy Casttle is a DJ and producer from Madrid, also known as Sergio Castilla. His career spans for over eighteen years, appearing on notable techno record labels like Pornographic or Naked Lunch.

It's a common belief between connoisseurs that quality techno tracks are difficult to find, just like the Phoenix

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Acid Mind EP

by Quantum Computer Code & Illegal Circuit


Quantum Computer Code and Illegal Circuit are Controlling Your Mind through Acid Methods

Combine Audio's fourth release is a techno collaboration rooted in Spain.

MADRID -. 'Acid Mind' is the new EP sprung from a joint effort between Quantum Computer Code and Illegal Circuit. Two tracks featuring hypnotic grooves deployed as foundation for lush and spacey sounds. Both tracks lean towards a deeper and darker side of techno.

A 100% spanish release: Quantum Computer code is a techno duo from Madrid formed by Emilio Kiesel and Joaquin Garcia. Both musicians with a common vision of underground techno. Illegal Circuit prefers to work behind the scenes, refusing to reveal his identity.

Now the only certainty remains on your will to dance.

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Impulses EP

by Chinanski


Chinanski explores his most industrial facet on Combine Audio's third release. 

The two tracker offers an opposing but balancing view of techno. 

Hailing from South Wales, Dave Nelson is an underground techno producer better known for a string of releases on his home-base label Different Is Different Records. Since 1996 Chinanski has been contributing to his local scene, organising rave parties in and around his home-town. Today he resides in Birmingham, living a quieter life that fosters his endeavour as a techno producer.

LONDON -. The Welsh debuts on Combine Audio with a new EP called 'Impulses'. A two tracker featuring a broken techno cut and a counter track that leans towards the classic four on the floor rhythm. Both tracks share an industrial edge in their sound design. Sharp and hollow. 

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Wildlife EP

by Paula Cazenave


Paula Cazenave, frogs and pigeons on 'Wildlife' EP

The two tracker is the producer's first solo EP on her own imprint. 

BARCELONA. Combine Audio's second release features two original tracks from the label-boss. In 'Wildlife' Paula Cazenave explores the proverbial techno forest. The excursion already started on Fuse ON EP, where she introduced the 'Crickets On Crack'. This is the story of a 'Freak Frog' and the 'Picky Pigeons'. 

'Freak Frog is a dark techno material. Produced in an exquisite way, it's main synth resembles a frog that got intoxicated in it's own psychedelic poison. Stubbornly-hard beat foundation with hypnotic synth lines. Effected vocals twisted into an inductive speech, designed for maximum dance-floor frenzy. 

On the flip, Paula's definition of a true techno driver: 'Picky Pigeons'. A cut featuring clever stab placement combined with a crystal-clear percussion. A trance-inducing synth element floating on a bubbly low-end, and insane vocals infused.


Fuse ON EP

by Gayle San & Paula Cazenave


The result of the fusion of two great and veteran artists: Paula Cazenave and Gayle San.

For the first release of Combine we have Gayle San as a guest artist .

The Singaporean dj kicked off her career in the nineties and her reputation includes her impeccable three deck mixing skills that lead her to play in the world's most renowned clubs, e.g. Final Frontier (London), the legendary Omen Club in Frankfurt (the so-called 'Mecca of Techno'), the Lehmann Club (Stuttgart) as well as on the renowned techno festivals Nature One and Awakenings.

For this release she made the track "Deploy" an stunning Techno tune with an old school beat and sound that is perfect to break the mix.

Paula Cazenave presents "Crickets on crack" her first track on the label and a dance floor bomb with paranoid synths and fat bass line.